Saturday, September 12, 2009

~Surprise Birthday Gift~

I received a special birthday gift in the mail today from my dear friend Connie. She sent me a wonderful candle ledge that she and her hubby have been making. I already found the perfect spot for it. I just have to find a candle to sit on the ledge. I have been wanting one of these so I was sooo excited to get this!! She also sent me some yummy smelling tarts and cute little wax mug with putka pods and some mug mats that she has been making since getting a new sewing machine for her birthday last week. She's doing a great job! I just love it all! I am putting the mug mats on my island next to my fall placemats. They will look perfect. I am so blessed to have Connie as a friend. She is one of the sweetest people I have ever met. Thank you Connie!


  1. What wonderful gifts!
    I love Connies ledges....and I looks great where you have it!
    Happy Birthday :)


  2. aw Your so very welcome my sweet girl...please enjoy...your such a wonderful friend whom I think dearly glad you liked everything....

  3. Happy Birthday Shan!
    Beautiful gifts from Connie - she's just a sweetheart isn't she!